The International Baccalaureate Diploma is an international program of courses and exams offered at the high school level. In keeping with Senate Bill 111 passed in 2005, Collin will grant credit for IB exams with certain required scores.

Collin will award up to 24 hours of course-specific college credit in subject appropriate areas on all IB exams with scores of 4 or above.

Students must have an official IB transcript sent to Collin College.

Collin will maintain in-residence coursework minimums and the non-traditional credit maximum of 18 hours. Students with an IB Diploma who meet the requirements for more than 18 credit hours will be allowed only IB credit.

Obtain your IB Score Report here.

A student must have completed six semester hours of traditional credit at Collin and have successful completion of a course within the last 12 months to have non-traditional credit applied to their record.

Students requiring more information on the above program may contact the Director of Testing Office at (972) 548-6773.

Subject Collin Course Number Semester Credit Hours
Theater Arts DRAM1310 3
Visual Arts ARTS1301 3
Biology (SL) BIOL1406 4
Biology (HL) BIOL1406-1407 8
Business and Economics
Business and Management BUSI1301 3
Economics ECON2301-2302 6
Chemistry (SL) CHEM1411 4
Chemistry (HL) CHEM1411-1412 8
English A (SL)
Language & Literature
ENGL1301-1302 6

English (SL) Language



English A (HL)
Language & Literature
ENGL1301-1302 6

English (HL) Language



History of the Americas (HL) HIST1301-1302 6
Mathematical Studies (SL) MATH1325 3
Mathematics (HL)
MATH1314 & MATH1316 6
Mathematics with Further Mathematics (HL)
MATH1314, MATH1316, & MATH1342 9
Mathematical Methods (HL) historical only
MATH2413 4
Modern Languages A1, A2, or B (SL)
French FREN1411-1412 8
German GERM1411-1412 8
Russian RUSS1411-1412 8
Spanish SPAN1411-1412 8
Modern Languages A1, A2, or B (HL)
French FREN1411-1412, 2311-2312 14
German GERM1411-1412, 2311-2312 14
Russian RUSS1411-1412, 2311-2312 14
Spanish SPAN1411-1412, 2311-2312 14
Language AB Initio
French FREN1411 4
German GERM1411 4
Russian RUSS1411 4
Spanish SPAN1411 4
Music MUSI1306, 1311 6
Physics (SL) PHYS1401 4
Physics (HL) PHYS1401-1402 8
Social Sciences
Philosophy PHIL1301 3
Psychology PSYC2301 3
Social and Cultural Anthropology ANTH2351 3