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A student who has received college level training in secondary school and who has a score of 3, 4, or 5 on the appropriate Advanced Placement examination, upon request will be granted placement and credit for comparable courses at Collin College.

A student must have completed six semester hours of traditional credit at Collin and have successful completion of a course within the last 12 months to have non-traditional credit applied to their record.

AP credit previously applied at another institution of higher education does not automatically transfer to Collin.  For the credit to be applied at Collin, the student must have their AP score report sent to Collin from the College Board and request the credit be applied to their Collin record.

An official score report must be sent to Collin from the College Board.  The College Code for AP is 1951.  The student must contact the Director of Testing Office to request AP credit be applied to his/her record. This is not an automatic process upon receipt of the College Board official AP Score Report.

AP Examination Collin Equivalent
Art General (2D and 3D) ARTS1311
Art Drawing ARTS1316
Art History ARTS1303
Biology BIOL1406 and 1407
Calculus (AB) MATH2413
Calculus (BC) AP Score of 3: MATH2413
AP Score of 4 or 5: MATH2413 and 2414
Chemistry CHEM1411 and 1412
Chinese CHIN1411 and 1412
Computer Science (A) COSC1436
Economics (Macro) ECON2301
Economics (Micro) ECON2302
English Lang. & Comp AP Score of 3: ENGL1301
AP Score of 4 or 5: ENGL1301 and 1302
English Lit. & Comp AP Score of 3: ENGL1301
AP Score of 4 or 5: ENGL1301 and 1302
Environmental Science I ENVR1401
European History HIST2311 and 2312
French Language FREN1411 and 1412
German Language GERM1411 and 1412
Government & Politics US GOVT2305
Human Geography GEOG1302
Music Theory MUSI1311
Physics 1 PHYS1401
Physics 2 PHYS1402
Physics C - Mechanical PHYS2425
Physics C - Electrical & Magnetic PHYS2426
Physics B (historical) PHYS1401 and 1402
Psychology PSYC2301
Spanish Language SPAN1411 and 1412
Statistics MATH1342
US History HIST1301 and 1302
World History HIST2311 and 2312

For further information regarding the AP (Advanced Placement) program, please refer to College Board.

For further information regarding AP (Advanced Placement) credit, please contact the Director of Testing Office at (972) 548-6773 or by email at