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Faculty Emeritus Program

The Faculty Emeritus Program honors the exceptional contributions of faculty members who have committed a significant portion of their career to Collin College and its students and provides an avenue to continue benefiting from their expertise.  Emeritus Professors benefit Collin College by being available for college service, serving as ambassadors for the college within the community, mentoring new faculty members, participating in college activities and ceremonies (graduation, pinnings, etc.), or helping and inspiring students, as well as teaching on a part-time basis, when available. 

Eligibility Criteria:
Individuals that have served as Collin faculty members and meet all of the below criteria are eligible to be considered for the faculty emeritus program:
  • Employed as regular full-time faculty at Collin College for at least ten (10) years
  • Retired from Collin College
  • The nominee's most recent faculty contract was a multi-year contract and, if applicable, the Council on Excellence identified the faculty nominee as meeting standards of excellence as part of its peer review process in the nominee's most recent review
  • Consistently upheld the college's Core Values
  • Had demonstrable accomplishments of excellence in teaching, service, professional development, and/or leadership while employed as a full-time faculty member at Collin College
Benefits provided to Emeritus Professors may include: 
  • Retaining a Collin College ID with access to college facilities, such as the library
  • Continued use of a Collin College email account (for academic professional purposes using the Emeritus Professor title)
  • Accessing, when available, shared office space and basic administrative support when teaching part-time or for approved projects
  • Teaching part-time on less than a 50% basis in accordance with benefit and compensation requirements
  • Receiving priority consideration to teach available course sections after full-time faculty load is assigned, when feasible
  • Full-time overload pay rate for those teaching on an adjunct basis
Stage 1: Nomination Procedure
On a rolling basis throughout the year:
  • Any Collin College staff or faculty may nominate former faculty to be considered for nomination to Faculty Emeritus status
  • Nomination should be submitted to the VP/P of the campus where the faculty nominee last served (if unsure, please submit directly to the office of the EVP)
  • Nominations should be made through submission of a completed Faculty Emeritus nomination form (electronic and/or paper submissions accepted)
  • VP/Ps will submit signed (original) nominations to HR for verification of employment-related eligibility
Stage 2: Review of Nominations
Review of Faculty Emeritus materials will be performed on a rolling basis during the fall and spring semesters of each academic year
  • Review of nominations will be completed by a Faculty Emeritus Review Committee
  • The CoE Chair will chair a minimum of one (1) committee meeting in the fall and one (1) committee meeting in the spring semester to review all nominees
  • Nominees gaining unanimous votes of "Recommend" will be submitted to the EVP for recommendation to the District President
  • The CoE Chair will notify the EVP of the recommendation status of all nominees within eight (8) weeks of receiving the nomination materials.
Stage 3: Approvals and Announcement of Faculty Emeritus Status
  • The District President will review recommended nominations and submit approved nominations to the Board of Trustees
  • The Board of Trustees will review the District President's approved nominations and will publicly confer Faculty Emeritus status to confirmed individuals