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Supervisor Recruitment Toolkit

The Supervisor Recruitment Toolkit is designed to serve as a resource for hiring managers to assist them with the steps involved in recruiting for and filling vacant staff and part-time faculty positions within Collin College.  The HR Consultants partner with hiring managers to assist them throughout each step of the recruitment process.

Please note, this toolkit provides information for hiring full-time staff, part-time staff, student employees and part-time associate faculty only.  Search committees are only used for full-time faculty and administrator positions.  Click here for more information about the search committee process.

Getting Started with the Recruitment Process

Preparing for the Selection Process

The Selection Process

Position Filled – Next Steps

Getting Started with the Recruitment Process

Creating the Job Requisition/Posting

Once the requisition has been approved by all appropriate approvers, it will be routed to the appropriate HR Consultant. The HR Consultant will attach screening questions and open the position on the website so applicants can apply for the position.  The HR Consultant will develop general screening questions that screen for minimum qualifications based on the job description.  Hiring managers are encouraged to work with their HR Consultant to develop additional screening questions that will identify applicants with preferred qualifications.

Internal Position – Open to current Collin College employees only. Must be posted at least five business days.

External Position – Open to all applicants, internal and external.  Must be posted at least 10 business days.

While many requisitions are posted until filled, postings are subject to be closed/removed from the web at any time after the hiring manager feels s/he has a sufficient pool of qualified applicants and the position has been posted for at least the required minimum posting period.  Applications will not be accepted for positions that have been closed/removed from the web.  At the discretion of the hiring manager, a position that has been closed/removed from the web may be reopened as long as the hiring manager has not begun interviewing candidates.  The only exception to this guideline would be if the hiring manager has completed interviews and determined that there are no viable candidates in the initial applicant pool.  In the event the hiring manager requests the position to be reopened, the position must be reopened to all applicants until at least 5:00 p.m. the following business day.

Using the Talent Management System (CougarHR)

CougarHR is the college's online applicant tracking system that allows both applicants and hiring managers to manage the hiring process electronically.  The CougarHR url is  To access the system as a hiring manager, log in using your regular Novell username and password.

For detailed information on the hiring process and how to navigate and utilize the system to its fullest capability, please see the Quick Reference Guide for the applicable type of position listed below.

CougarHR Quick Reference Guides for Hiring Employees:

Full-time Staff

Part-time Staff & Student Employees

Part-time Adjunct Faculty

Preparing for the Selection Process

Reviewing applicants

Applicants will apply online for current college vacancies.  Applicants who correctly answer the screening questions as meeting the minimum requirements for the posted vacancy will immediately be available for review by the hiring manager in the online application system.  Please note, applicants screen through based on how they answer the screening questions, so the hiring manager must still review each application carefully to ensure the applicants truly meet the minimum job qualifications listed in the position description.  Applicants who do not meet minimum qualifications should not be considered. 

The hiring manager must next determine which qualified individuals can best meet the department's needs, while at the same time documenting reasons for not selecting all other applicants  The hiring manager should carefully review all applications received prior to the removal of the posting from the online application system. 

Hiring managers may not print, email, provide CougarHR access or otherwise share any application materials with individuals who are not in the direct approval chain for the position.

Preparing interview questions

Advanced preparation of interview questions provides a uniform basis for evaluating candidates.  Prepare open-ended and behavioral questions that will assist in evaluating the knowledge, skills and abilities required for a new employee to be successful on the job. Inappropriate questions that relate to an applicant's personal life or protected class status may not be asked.  The proposed interview questions should be sent to HR for review prior to conducting interviews.

Interview Question DOs & DON'Ts

DO describe the essential job functions and ask if the candidates will be able to perform them

DO ask job-related behavioral questions that determine if the candidate has the necessary/preferred skills to do the job

DON'T ask questions that may potentially indicate discrimination against certain individuals, even if that is not your intent.

DON'T ask questions about age, current/future marital or parental status, religion, national origin, disability status, or any other personal information that is not directly-related to the job for which the candidate is being interviewed.

Click here for Sample Interview Questions

The Selection Process

Conducting Interviews

Hiring managers may conduct interviews at any time after the position has been posted and the candidate has been approved for interview.  Telephone screening interviews and face-to-face interviews provide valuable information about the applicant's knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the essential functions of the job. The same questions should be asked of each candidate interviewed and all interviews should be conducted in the same format.  The interview gives you an opportunity to further evaluate the applicant's job-related knowledge, skills, and abilities. This session also provides the ability to gather additional information about critical points on the application, or to resolve any inconsistencies or contradictions that were noted.  Please note, even if phone interviews are used to narrow down the list of finalists, an in-person interview MUST always be conducted prior to extending an offer of employment.  

What are the hiring manager's responsibilities as an interviewer?

  1.  To ensure only appropriate, legal, and job-related questions are asked.
  2.  To interview and assess applicants and select employees on the basis of job-related qualifications.
  3.  To describe the essential functions of the position.
  4.  To provide the candidates with a realistic overview of the position.
  5.  To record the steps taken in the hiring process.
  6.  To project a professional and positive impression of Collin College on prospective candidates for employment. 

Conducting Background Checks

When a finalist candidate is identified by the hiring manager and his/her status is changed to "Recommend for Hire-Check Background/References", Human Resources will email the candidate instructions for completing the Consent to Criminal Background Check form (Secondary Application) via CougarHR.  After the candidate completes the Consent to Criminal Background Check form, Human Resources will run applicable criminal background checks and determine if the candidate is employable.  If the candidate is employable, Human Resources will change the candidate's status in the CougarHR system to "Background Check Complete" so the hiring manager will know he/she can proceed with references and then change the candidate's status to "Initiate Offer/Approvals" to initiate the offer management process.  If the candidate is not recommended for employment based on the results of his/her criminal background check, the HR Consultant will notify the hiring manager and send the candidate a letter regarding the college's decision. 

Conducting Reference Checks

Reference Check Process:

PT Staff & Student Employees - References checked by the hiring manager 

2 solid professional references are generally required

PT Faculty - References checked by the associate dean or director 

2 solid professional references are generally required

FT Staff - References checked by HR

3 solid professional references are generally required

The college can minimize the risk of hiring an employee who will not be able to succeed in the new job by contacting previous and current supervisors to ask about job performance. Reference information provided by the applicant is an essential step in cross-referencing information received.  You should only conduct reference checks on finalists for the position.  Many companies will only confirm employment dates and positions held. You have a better chance of getting the information you need if you are able to contact previous supervisors directly. 
NOTE: Remember to first notify the candidate before contacting his/her current supervisor so the candidate will have an opportunity to discuss with his/her supervisor.

It is often helpful to develop your reference questions around those asked during the interview.  References will often feel more comfortable confirming information provided rather than being asked a general question about job performance. If you are unable to obtain sufficient references, the next step would be to contact the candidate and let him/her know that you are having trouble obtaining references and see if the candidate is able to contact his/her references to ask them to respond or provide additional information.

Questions should not be asked of any reference that cannot legally be asked of the applicant.

Click here for Sample Reference Check Questions

Extending the offer

After the final candidate is selected and background and reference checks are complete, the approval and offer steps are as follows:

  1. The Hiring Manager (or HR) will enter all reference information into CougarHR. The Hiring Manager will then change the candidate's status to "Initiate the Offer/Approvals" if s/he feels comfortable with the reference results and wishes to proceed with recommending the candidate for employment.

  2. AFTER the system has sent the offer through all the appropriate levels of approval, the Hiring Manger will receive an email notification that the offer is pending his/her approval. BEFORE approving the offer electronically, the Hiring Manager should contact the candidate to extend the oral offer. 

  3. AFTER the oral offer is extended to the candidate, the hiring manager should then approve the offer electronically via CougarHR and enter the agreed-upon start date in the Comments box.  This will automatically release the written offer letter to the candidate for approval.  The candidate also has the opportunity to note any requests for time off within his/her probationary period when accepting the offer. 

Position Filled – Next Steps

Finalizing Non-Selection Reasons for remaining applicants

It is imperative that the hiring manager carefully review all applications received prior to making a final hiring recommendation. The hiring manager will submit the final reason for non-selection for all applicants not selected by changing their status to 'declined' in CougarHR. After declining an applicant, the hiring manager will be prompted to select the applicable non-selection reason. This information is used to record and summarize recruitment activities for the Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Program Reporting Requirements.

Following up with applicants

After the selected candidate has accepted the college's offer of employment and the hiring manager has changed the status of ALL remaining applicants to indicate the reasons for non-selection, the HR Consultant will will generate an electronic response letter to all applicants (sent to the e-mail address on their application) informing them that a final selection has been made for the vacancy.

For those applicants who were interviewed but not selected, the hiring manager should communicate the decision to the individuals directly, preferably by phone. The notification should be clear and brief and should express appreciation for the applicant's time and interest in a position at the College.  Non-selected applicants who request specific information or access to selection documents should be referred to Human Resources.

Onboarding the Newly Hired Employee

On-boarding checklist for Supervisors (coming soon)

Information for New Employees