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Collin College Important Exit Information


Exit Notification Procedure

Professional written notice of at least two weeks for staff and four weeks for administrators is expected.  The final day of employment will be the last actual day worked; it may not be a day of leave.

Employee Exit Packet & Required forms

Final Pay Check

Your final paycheck (for time worked through your last day of work) will not be direct deposited; it will be a live check.  NOTE: All Collin College employees are paid current; there is no lag in pay.  If you fill out a time sheet, your final check will only reflect hours worked during the month of your separation and will not include any regular hours listed on your time sheet that occurred during the prior month.  The check will be mailed to the address you have on file with Collin College on the last working day of the month of separation.  For example:  If your final time sheet is for January 15th through February 16th, you would have already been paid for January hours; therefore, your final check will only include hours worked in February and will be mailed to you on the last working day of February.  Annual staff compensation is normally based on an employment period of 261 days. Final pay is prorated based upon the actual days worked by the terminating employee if the employment period is not completed.

Vacation Pay

You will receive a check for unused earned vacation time (up to 80 hours of rolled over vacation time, plus any unused vacation earned for the current fiscal year) on the last day of the next month following separation.  (For example, if your last day worked is January 16th, the check for vacation pay will be mailed to you on the last working day of February.)

Comp Time/Over Time

You will receive a check for any unused comp time and/or over time due on the last day of the next month following separation.  (For example, if your last day worked is January 16th, the check for comp time and/or over time will be mailed to you on the last day of February.)  Please note that if you are owed both vacation pay and comp time and/or over time, they will be on the same check.

Sick Time/Personal Time

Collin College does not pay out any unused sick or personal time.

Medical/Dental Insurance

Coverage through your employment will end at the end of the month of separation, provided all premiums have been paid.  For example, if your last day worked is January 16th, your coverage will end on January 31st.

COBRA Information

All COBRA information will be sent directly to your home address by ERS. COBRA rates can be found on the ERS website.  If you have questions regarding COBRA benefits prior to receiving this information, contact ERS at (877) 275-4377 or visit

Group Life/AD&D Coverage/Voluntary AD&D

Your group life, AD&D and Voluntary AD&D coverage will terminate on the last day of the month of termination. Conversion options may be available to you, please visit the Securian webpage for more information.

Teachers Retirement System (TRS)

Should you choose to withdraw your TRS account, please download the form you must complete a TRS-6, Application for Refund, and return it to TRS. (NOTE: If you withdraw your account by receiving a refund, you will end your membership in TRS.  By ending your membership, you lose your service credit and forfeit any retirement benefits that you have accrued and may affect your eligibility for ERS retiree insurance.  It is important that you fully understand the TRS and insurance benefits that you are waiving.  Therefore, if you have five or more years of TRS service credit, you must sign a form acknowledging that you are waiving all rights to future TRS retirement benefits.) If you have questions regarding your TRS account, please contact TRS directly at 1-800-223-8778 or visit the TRS website at

Texas Optional Retirement Program (ORP)

If you have an ORP account and have questions regarding available options, please contact your financial advisor. For general ORP questions, please contact Christina Canales in the Collin College Human Resources Department at 972-599-3164 or

Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA)

For legacy 403b accounts, please contact your financial advisor or financial investment provider. For accounts through AIG, please contact Bentley Craft or Kevin Konkal.

Change of Address

If you have a change of address, please complete and return the Change of Address Form to Human Resources to ensure that you receive all paychecks, and COBRA information. Please notify us in writing if your address changes in the future to ensure receipt of   W-2s, and other important information. Notices must be dated and signed.