Resignations/Ending Employment

All Employees

All exiting employees (full-time and part-time) must submit a written letter (or email) of resignation to their supervisor and Human Resources indicating the last day worked and reason for leaving.  If the employee does not provide advance written notice, the employee's supervisor should notify Human Resources of the separation in writing. 

Full-Time Employees

Upon resignation or termination from benefits-eligible full-time employment, employees must complete all steps of the college exit process below to ensure a smooth transition.  All exit documentation should be faxed to your HR Consultant at 972-985-3778 and the originals should be sent in interoffice mail to HR at CHEC. 

**Please note, your final paycheck will not be processed until all items on this list are complete and exit documents have been submitted to HR. 

  1. Collin College Important Exit Information
    Review the Collin College Important Exit Information
  2. Collin College Exit Clearance Form
    Print and complete the Exit Clearance Form for all applicable items by obtaining a signature from the department shown on the form
  3. Collin College Employee Exit Survey
    Complete the Collin College Employee Exit Survey prior to your final day of employment
  4. Collin College Public Access Option Form
    Print and complete the Public Access Option Form
  5. TRS Notice of Final Deposit and Request for Refund Form
    After fully reviewing the impact of withdrawal, if you choose to withdraw your Teachers Retirement System account, please print and complete the TRS Notice of Final Deposit and Request for Refund Form.  NOTE: The form MUST be notarized and mailed directly to TRS.
  6. Collin College Change of Address Form
    If your address will be changing, print and complete the Change of Address form  to ensure you receive all paychecks, COBRA information, TRS information, W-2's, etc. 
  7. Send a copy of your current time-sheet and/or recent Application for Leave forms to Human Resources. 
  8. Information for Employees Retiring from Collin College
    Review this document for post-retirement benefits eligibility. 


Additional Exit Information

College district employees may be dismissed or subject to disciplinary action during the term of the contract or period of work for good cause. An employee's supervisor shall use the college district's disciplinary procedures to initiate and process disciplinary actions.


FT Faculty Resignation Form

Termination of Teaching Faculty 
Annual teaching faculty compensation is based on a contract period of 170 days. Final pay is prorated based upon the actual days worked by the terminating faculty member if the contract period is not completed.

Voluntary Separation- Faculty
Teaching faculty members requesting to terminate employment with the college must complete the FT Faculty Resignation Form by March 2 of that academic year.

Involuntary Termination - Faculty
DMAA LOCAL: Term Contracts: Dismissal

Non-Renewal of Teaching Faculty

DMAB LOCAL: Term Contracts: Nonrenewal

DDA LOCAL: Contract & Non-Contract: Term of Contract (Multiyear)

Teaching faculty on one-year contracts will be notified in writing of renewal or non-renewal of their contract for the subsequent academic year by March 15.

Teaching faculty do not have a property interest or other interest in employment beyond the term of that teaching faculty member's written contract

Teaching faculty on multi-year contracts will normally be notified in writing of renewal or non-renewal of their contract for the subsequent year by the later date of January 31 or the 30 days following receipt by the president of the final report of the Council on Excellence. In any case, notification will not be later than the last day of classes in May.


Termination of Non-Teaching Employees/Staff

DD Local: Contract & At-Will Employment

Non-teaching faculty are employed on an at will basis.

Voluntary Separation (Staff)

Staff who voluntarily terminate must submit a letter of resignation to their immediate supervisor with a copy to Human Resources. Professional notice of at least two weeks for staff and four weeks for administrators is expected.

Annual staff compensation is normally based on an employment period of 261 days. Final pay is prorated based upon the actual days worked by the terminating employee if the employment period is not completed.