Short Term Disability

This optional benefit provides you with a portion of your monthly insurance salary if illness or injury keeps you from working. Once approved, benefits are paid for a period of up to five months from the date of disability after you have been certified as totally disable by an approved practitioner and:

  • used all of your available sick leave (e.g. sick leave, extended sick leave, sick leave pool) OR
  • completed the waiting period of 30 consecutive days, whichever is greater.

The Texas Income Protection Plan, administered by the Reed Group, is the third party administrator for disability insurance. This coverage is not available to family members or retirees.

Premium rates are based on monthly salary.

  • Filing a Claim
    • Disability claim form must be completed by you, your employer, and your physician.
  • Who is eligible for disability insurance?
    • Active employees are eligible for disability insurance. Family members and retirees are not eligible.
    • Employees on leave of absence may be eligible to continue coverage by paying premiums due.
  • How to Enroll
    • If enrollment is not done at time of benefit eligibility (new hire or promotion), an employee will need to enroll during Annual Enrollment.
  • Is evidence of insurability required?
    • Proof of good health, called evidence of insurability (EOI), is not required to enroll in disability insurance during your first 31 days of benefit eligibility (new hire or promotion).
    • After the first 31 days, EOI is required to enroll (Summer Enrollment).
  • Coverage
    • Monthly Benefit
    • Maximum: lesser of 66% of your monthly salary (up to $10,000) or $6,600.


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