Dental Plans

There are three dental plans available to Collin College benefit eligible employees. 

The Humana DHMO is a discount plan, the amount of the discount depends on what service is being rendered.  Employees must select a dentist from the DHMO list and that dentist will perform all of the employee's dental treatment.  Coverage under this plan is only provided in the state of Texas.  To view a summary of benefit, look up authorized dentists and discounted costs by service, please visit the Humana DHMO web site.

The State of Texas Dental Choice plan is a typical indemnity coverage type plan.  Under this plan you may use any dentist you desire; however, there is a list of preferred dentists which you may choose from and save money.  The maximum benefit per covered person per year is $1500.  For more information on this benefit plan and preferred dentists, please visit the State of Texas Dental Choice web site.  This plan may be used outside of Texas.

For either of these two plans, the college will pay the cost for the employee and the employee will pay the cost to cover any eligible dependents.

The State of Texas Dental Discount Plan, administered by Careington International Corporation, is not dental insurance, but a discount program for dental services.  Under this plan, participating dentists have agreed to accept a discounted fee from participants as payment-in-full for dental services performed.  The participant is responsible for paying all charges directly to the dentist at the time services are provided.  More information about this plan can be found on the State of Texas Dental Discount Plan web site.