Elledanceworks at Collin College

Elledanceworks Dance Company

Collin College's dance program is home to Elledanceworks Dance Company, the professional dance company-in-residence. This partnership fosters community classes, choreography and hands on experience with a professional dance company.

Elledanceworks DancElledanceworks Imagee Company is co-directed by Ronelle Eddings and Michele Hanlon. The company is a 501c3 Nonprofit Corporation and is beginning it's nineteenth season!

Elledanceworks is dedicated to promoting the arts with special attention to modern dance choreography, performance, and education.

Originally conceived as a one-time collaboration, Elledanceworks has grown into much more. Valuing individual creative growth and development, Elledanceworks encourages and presents works by company members. Valuing education as well, we see a role for the company in helping our members become stronger teachers and artists. The company has performed regionally and in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for eighteen years presenting concerts, participating in educational and choreographic residencies, and performing as guest of other arts organizations and institutions.

Elledanceworks is unique among local dance companies' due to the continuity and dedication of its members. We have grown up together as creators and performers of dance. Elledanceworks ImageEach individual voice is appreciated and valued for the unique professional and like experience reflected through performance and choreography. In our role as Dance Company-in-Residence at Collin College, we have the privilege of presenting classes and workshops throughout the year. We are also honored to create dances for Collin Dance Ensemble, the student performing company of the college.