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Marketable Skills

• Demonstrate understanding of entire 3D modeling, texturing and animation workflow and pipeline from concept to final output.
• Utilize project management skills
• Demonstrate understanding of drawing, color, composition and camera as it relates to       physical reality in the creation of images.
• Demonstrate understanding of motion, momentum and dynamics of basic physics.
• Implement core gameplay concepts; create user experience and real-time visualization solutions using coding and scripting tools.
• Explain basic storytelling (story arcs, acts, scenes, protagonist, antagonist)..
• Demonstrate a foundation of knowledge that provides a high-level understanding of projects to ensure they run smoothly, solve problems as they occur, and avoid disruptions.
• Produce clear, effective verbal and written communications
• Listen effectively and resolve conflicts in one-on-one and team exchanges.
• Analyze the skillsets of team members in order to leverage teamwork to utilize best practices and pipeline to accomplish ambitious goals.
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