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60 credit hours
First Semester  
ARTC 1325 Introduction to Computer Graphics
MUSB 1305 Survey of the Music Business
MUSC 1327 Audio Engineering I ~
MUSI 1303 Fundamentals of Music
Second Semester
MUSC 1313 Commercial Music Theory I
MUSC 2427 Audio Engineering II ~
MUSI 1116 Aural Skills I 1
SPCH 1321 Business and Professional Communication
(See Speech options)
First Semester  
ENGL 1301 Composition I
MUSB 2301 Music Marketing 
MUSP 1113 Introductory Group Piano I 2
GEN ED  Mathematics / Natural Sciences course
Second Semester
MUSB 2350 Commercial Music Project (Capstone) 3
MUSC 1405 Live Sound I
MUSC 2351 Audio for Video    
MUSI 1307 Music Literature 4
MUSP 1114 Introductory Group Piano II  5
GEN ED  Social / Behavioral Sciences course
1. Required for Music, Commercial majors
2. May substitute MUSI 1181 or MUSP 1110, departmental permission required
3. May substitute MUSB 2380, departmental permission required
4. Required to fulfill the Humanities / Fine Arts requirement - No course substitutions
5. May substitute MUSI 1182 or MUSP 1110 or MUSP 2235, departmental permission required
~ Audio Engineering courses (MUSC-1327, MUSC-2427, MUSC-2447 and MUSC-2448) are offered in both eight- and sixteen-week formats. Students planning to follow the curriculum outline above may need to take the courses in the eight-week format in order to meet the prerequisite requirements.
* Electives (7 credit hours)

If not used in degree requirements: Any MUAP, any MUEN, MUSB-1341, MUSB-2345, MUSB-2355, MUSB-2380, MUSC-1209, MUSC-1321, MUSC-1323, MUSC-1333, MUSC-2313, MUSC-2314, MUSC-2330, MUSC-2345, MUSC-2355, MUSC-2356, MUSC-2403, MUSC-2447, MUSC-2448, MUSC-2453, MUSI-1117, MUSI-1181, MUSI-1182, MUSI-1183, MUSI 1184, MUSI-1192,   MUSI-1193, MUSI-1310, MUSI-1312, MUSI-2116,  MUSI-2117, MUSI-2181, MUSI-2182, MUSI-2311,  MUSI-2312, MUSP-1104, MUSP-1105, MUSP-1110, MUSP-1117, MUSP-1127, MUSP-1151, MUSP-1153, MUSP-1202, MUSP-2230, MUSP-2233, MUSP-2235, MUSP-2237 or MUSP-2249