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It is highly recommended that you complete MRKG 1311 prior to taking any of the other courses.

First Semester  
BMGT 1307 Team Building
BMGT 2303 Problem Solving and Decision Making
MATH 1332 Contemporary Mathematics (Quantitative Reasoning)                                    (See Mathematics Options)
MRKG 1301 Customer Relationship Management 
MRKG 1311 Principles of Marketing
Second Semester  
BMGT 1305 Communications in Management
BMGT 1341 Business Ethics
BUSG 2309 Small Business Management / Entrepreneurship
ENGL 1301 Composition I
IBUS 1354 International Marketing Management 
MRKG 2349 Advertising and Sales Promotion 
First Semester  
BMGT 1327 Principles of Management
IBUS 2341 Intercultural Management
MRKG 2312 e-Commerce Marketing
MRKG 2333 Principles of Selling 
GEN ED   Humanities / Fine Arts course 
Second Semester  
ECON 1301 Introduction to Economics 1
MRKG 2348 Marketing Research and Strategies 2
MRKG 2381 Cooperative Education - Marketing / Marketing Management, General (Capstone) 3
SPCH 1321 Business and Professional Communication
(See Speech Options)
1. May substitute ECON 2301, ECON 2302 or PSYC 2301 
2. May substitute BUSG 1307
3. May substitute BUSG 2371, with consent of Discipline Lead (prior to registering)