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44 credit hours
Students must be TSI complete.
First Semester
CETT 1407 Fundamentals of Electronics
CETT 1425 Digital Fundamentals
TECM 1343 Technical Algebra and Trigonometry
Second Semester
CETT 1409 DC-AC Circuits
RBTC 1405 Robotic Fundamentals
ELMT 1305 Basic Fluid Power
First Semester
INTC 1307 Instrumentation Test Equipment
RBTC 2345 Robot Application, Set-up, and Testing
ELMT 1301 Programmable Logic Controllers
INTC 1357 AC-DC Motor Control
Second Semester
CETT 1445 Microprocessor
ELMT 2339 Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers
INTC 2359 Distributed Control Systems (Capstone)