FY 2016 - FY 2020 District Strategic Goals

Collin College: 2020 Vision

Approved 2020 Strategic Plan

Inspire learning that will transform lives and enhance communities.


  1. Finalize and Execute a Comprehensive Plan that Facilitates the Safety of Students, Faculty and Staff at Collin College.

  2. Increase Outreach and Create Streamlined Pathways from High School.

  3. Emphasize Student Achievement and Streamline Pathways to Four Year College and Universities.

  4. Expand Career and Technical Programs and Training Offerings in Alignment with current and future Regional Labor Market Demand and Become the Customized Training Provider of Choice for Additional Employers.

  5. Promote Innovation and Diversify Revenue Streams.

  6. Create an Increasingly Welcoming Environment for Students, Community Members, Faculty and Staff.

  7. Expand the Physical Footprint of Collin College to Meet Emerging Programmatic Needs; Improve Facilities as Necessary, and Implement the Maintenance Plan to Elevate Services to Our Students.